Washocook Kasai

Lets enjoy Vegetarian Japanese cooking at local Japanese home just 3 mins from the airport reimusine bus stop.Easily you can cook all reciepes when you go back to your home:)I show you around local supermarket.

Rina Ikeda

Teachers profile

I’m Rina, a mother of 7 months old baby:)♡Over 10 years, I enjoy sharing Japanese cultre to foreign people as my hobby.I make use of my maternity leave to start teaching Japanese cuisine more often.


Basically,Japanese food  uses Basic soup stok, dashi from fish,It would be tough for vegetarian, vegan and someone who needs special diet,so I provide you with Vegetarian Japanese food as well.

Mother, Web director,Qualified Japanese cooking and Japanese language teacher for foreign stuedts and teaching kimono,Tofu Meister


Tokyo Edogawa Nakakasai 3-27-26


Access / Mark up

By Train

It takes 3minsfrom Metro Tozai Kasai station, 20mins from Metro Tozai Otemachi station

By airport reimusine Bus

It takes 3 mins from Kasai airport reimusine bus stop