Washocook Kyoto-daiichi

Let’s spread decorative rolled sushi to the world from Kyoto
Decorative rolled sushi made everybody happy.

(2hours and 30minits)

Japanese home style cooking class for foreigners in Kyoto.
I teach decorative rolled sushi which is arranged traditional rolled sushi. It is simple, easy and loveliness. Let’s have fun together.

Noriko Taniuchi

Teachers profile

I run a private tutor class for foreigners in Kameoka, which locates in the west of Kyoto.
I have accepted international students as a host for about 12 years with the hope of interacting with foreigners. Through this, I realized that good dishes make everybody happy and good dishes bring everybody together.
I would like to offer some opportunities making a decorative rolled sushi with simple ingredients and this enable you to make sushi even you go back to your country. In addition, we use original plates which have ‘Monyou’, Japanese traditional design made myself. I hope this experience would be impressive for you. I am looking forward to meeting you.


27 kitamachi, kameoka-shi, kyoto

Address: The detail address will be available later.


Access / Mark up

By Train:

Get off at the Kameoka on JR Sagano Line
7 minutes on foot from kameoka station

By Taxi:

30 minutes from JR Saga-arashiyama station