Washocook Sagamihara minami

Japanese vegetable cooking in style of a small-dish

(2hours and 30minits)

Ladies who are from out of Japan will be able to cook Japanese vegetable dishes in style of a small-dish.

Because dishes which use a lot of vegetable are low calories and low fat, they are healthy for you.

I will tell you about tips on packing vegetable dishes into a lunch-box for your family like Japanese lunch box (BENTO). So, your family can keep healthy.

Because of small group lessons and at-home atmosphere, you can relax and enjoy cooking.

You who haven’t been able to easy attend any cooking lessons with your baby are able to take my class with your baby.

Masako Tsuru

水流 雅子

Teachers profile

  • Japanese cooking Instructor
  • “Vegetable Sommelier” Certified by the Japan Vegetable Sommelier Association
  • “Shokuiku Specialist” Certified by NPO Corporations “Minna-no-Shokuiku”

I’m taking lessons in hip-hop dance with my kids.


Bunkyo Minami-ku
水流 雅子



Access / Mark up

By train:
By Bus/taxi:

19 minutes’ walk from Sagami-Ono station or 4 minutes’ walk from Uehara-Danchi bus stop which is 3th bus stop from Sagami-Ono station Because of passing the straight road along the University and the Japanese elementary school, you may be able to see the Japanese school life.