Cooking school for foreigners

Lessons with Perfect Tips for Japanese Cuisine Cooking!

The class designed for foreigners enables you to cook Japanese Home Meals within 20 minutes.

Home Style Japanese Cuisine for foreigners

All seasonal, fresh ingredients and English instructions.

Lesson details:

Only 20 minutes cooking time per dish!

Home Style Japanese Cuisine lessons with English instructions.

Special recipes for Japanese traditional events with seasonal, fresh ingredients; 1 main dish, 1 side dish, 1 soup and 1 dessert per lesson. Please experience Japanese way to celebrate seasonal events with meals.
The most important tip, DASHI or Japanese basic soup stock preparation is included in every lesson. Learn quick, easy ways to cook various kinds of Japanese meals using DASHI stock.
Small group lessons with relaxing, homelike atmosphere.
Provide great opportunity for you to make more friends and grow your community in Japan.
We will demonstrate the way to cook with explanation of ingredients and seasonings. You will also use Japanese cooking tools.

We also have classes such as “Cartoon Character Bento Making(=Charaben)” and “Seasonal hospitality cuisine”.

For whom the Lessons are:

  • •Who love Japanese Cuisine
  • •Who are interested in Japanese Home Cooking
  • •Who want to make more Japanese friends

Even if you have never, ever cooked before, You will be definitely welcomed!

Lesson Time Table

11:00-11:15 Introduction of today’s recipes and preparation
11:15-12:45 Demonstration and cooking lesson
12:45-13:30 Tasting party

Class information

Cartoon Character Bento Making

Make Boxed Lunch Filled with Animated Characters.

Lesson details:

  • 2.5 hours total
  • 1 meal, drinks and equipment
  • Offered in English

Let’s turn Japanese animation into boxed bento lunch! With my cartoonist friend, we’ll design and make boxed lunch, using fresh ingredients of the season. Cutting seaweed and sheet of cheese so that it looks like faces of the character- it’s bit tricky but so much fun. I’ll advise you tips, so learn from me. When it is all set, let’s take pictures and show it off to the world!

We provide

Lunch that we made together
Japanese tea
including recipe