Partner Business

Planning to expand your business?

Try targeting international inbound tourists with our unique cooking program! Otherwise having welfare program for your employees, corporate team building with a cooking class or customer entertaining…
We are available for various services to assist your business.

We will provide various services for corporate customers.

1. An impressive optional tour for international travelers.

We will create a memorable experience of Japanese home meal cooking.
Feel free to request for any other unique ideas than cooking to entertain your guests.

2. A fun event for your international guests / staff.

Our cooking classes are often used for promoting the cultural exchanges with the international neighbors in your own region or to entertain your international staff in the company.
Feel free for ask for customization.

3. Dispatch of our certified cooking instructors.

We dispatch English speaking “Washocook certified instructors” per your request.

4. Meal menu design, development and supervision.

For restaurant / homestay lodge owners who want to create a warm welcome for international guests.

5. Marketing consulting and lectures about how to attract international travelers.

We would love to hear your requests to make a suitable plan.
Please contact us!